Monday, July 25, 2016

so hot and stifling

cant stand the heat and it kicked me last week..felt horrible, had to turn on the ac ...
Cant believe the end of july is near..The months just jumble together and fly away so quick..But cant wait for this heat wave to be gone and hopefully we will get some much needed rain in the winter..

Have not knitted for a few days, haven't been feeling like it..
hope you all are having a great summer and its not too hot where  you live..
did these booties a few weeks ago..They have been sent, made a few more, but have not sent them yet..but will with all the hats also..

Peace & Love

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

hello out there

hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend..I  pray daily for our men and woman of the military..Its a very emotional holiday ...

Its been on the cool and cloudy side the last few weeks, which i love..I do not like the heat so this suits me just fine..Our may gray is back, wooohoooo..Last year we had the heat wave going...Hope we have a nice mild summer..

finished another blankie and started on another today..I am just so thrilled that i did a pair of tube socks...I dont know how to knit socks, but do knit and love tube socks for the babies..I am  just thrilled..Of course will make some for donation...I also have to do hats, iam now at 26 hats done and i need to make way more than that..
leaving you with the latest blankie..didnt know how to delete the second pic, sorry about that..

wishing you happy and safe days..

Peace & Love

Monday, April 25, 2016


good morning friends...Hope you all had a safe and happy weekend..
finished another blankie, and started on another small one..might start on a hat also..

Its cloudy and windy here today..iam loving cool not hot..
have a great monday..

Peace & Love

Thursday, March 24, 2016

sunny day

its a lovely day here today, sunny and the birds are singing away..
days, weeks, months are going in a flash..

Started a new blankie yesterday..Its a small preemie blankie in hopes of warming a little baby..this one is called garden of hope...So far iam loving it, its just a very easy pattern ..
finished a squares type of blankie for donation also..i think maybe i will send it off over the weekend if i can..
thinking of doing some hats also, i only made 25 so far and its going i am thinking of just doing a few soon..

hope you all have a safe and happy thursdays..

Peace & Love

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

hello december

boggles my mind how fast the months seem to come and go..
i finished hats, sent them, working on more, but today will settle in with another scarf..
i love soft yarn, so thats what i use on my hats and scarves for donation..
Lots of needy children and adults, so have to get moving faster..
have errands to run this morning, just waiting for the store to open..I need more yarn also for the scarves..But that might have to wait..i only do simple, so my scarves are not a chore to do, but a nice relaxing knit..

Wishing you all a happy and safe day..
Peace & Love

Thursday, October 15, 2015

heat wave and baby blankets

 when will this heat wave go away and cool breezes come through again? its been a very hot 4 months...i love cool, hate the heat..this heat is heave and stifling..Cant say any more how much i hate it...:-)

october is upon us...i sent in hats and blankies for the babies..Love knitting away but with the heat its been a little rough...

finished another 2 blankies, one last night and the other a few weeks ago..finished a beanie today and started on another is the pink baby blanket i knitted 2 weeks ago..Its shades of pink that i scrappy blankets...when i get the ends weaved in will take a pic of the other blanket i made, this one is smaller than the pink one..

hope you all have a great rest of the week..

stay safe everyone..
Love & peace

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


can it really be that August is almost gone? i so love the winter and not really into heat..
I have heard we are getting rain here in the winter, so hope, although we dont need the headaches that comes when it rains too much in a very short time..Hoping it will be good not bad, since we so badly need the rain..

Since its been too hot for me, i have not done much knitting..But started some squares recently, thats nice since i love to knit so much..

Been riddle with anxiety and stress, lots of daily up and down...Praying alot for sure..
 Just wanted to come by and post a little update...
Maybe will have pics of some projects next time i come back..

Stay safe everyone..Have a great rest of summer..

peace & love